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Thank you for your interest, this study is now CLOSED. Please check back for future updates!

Before you get started, we need to share some standard information about taking part in research and your rights as participants. Please read before scrolling to the bottom of the page to take part.

By clicking ‘Take Part’ below, you are consenting on behalf of your child to take part in this experiment. Please note that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any moment. You have the right to stop the experiment at any point. You also have the right to request that your responses are removed from the analyses at any point.

By clicking ‘Take Part’ and continuing to the project, you are confirming to the best of your knowledge…
  • You fully and freely consent to the participation of your child in this study.
  • Your child is willing and suitable to participate in this study (click here to check suitability).
  • That you have read the information about the study. If not, click here.
  • That both you and your child understand that you are free to withdraw your consent for the study at any time without having to give a reason (this means that you can stop taking part at any point and you can request for your responses to be removed from analyses)
  • That the University of Exeter can keep and use the data you provide for research purposes only.
  • That the data you provide will be kept confidential, and that consent is conditional upon the University complying with its obligations under the Data Protection Act.
  • That your data will be anonymized once it has all been collected by removing all links between your email and your child’s study data. Anonymous data (e.g., age, reaction times) may be published online for the benefit of other researchers working in this field – there will be no way for them to work out who you are or how to contact you.
If you have any questions before proceeding, please feel free to contact us on kidsfoodtraining@exeter.ac.uk

Please note: if you are entering more than one child to the project, you will need to sign up again for each child separately

A device with a keyboard is also required as this project is not currently touchscreen compatible - we apologise for any inconvenience.